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Mary Burke

Reflections of Niagara (and beyond)

Where art and history mingle! Oil painting on wood. Local streetscapes of towns in the Niagara Region Niagara and beyond!

How often do we visit the places of our youth to walk the “Main Street” reminiscing about where the movie theatre used to be or the little corner store where we bought our penny candies?  We all have experienced this type of nostalgia at one time or another when visiting a town from our past.  Artist Mary Burke is bringing these unique “Main Streets” to life, capturing these beautiful locations of previous generations and showcasing their importance in the modern era.  Through Mary’s paintings you will catch a glimpse of the local history of the Niagara Region.  In these images she delicately captures the fancy brickwork, arched windows and brightly coloured buildings of the local architecture.  Her folk art style adds to the quaintness of these creations and highlights her love for this bucolic area.


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October 11, 2018 at 3:43 pm

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