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Derek Richards

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Derek’s main photographic interest is in landscape, but his work also includes architectural subjects, flowers, trees and novelty subjects.  He has a strong tendency to group pictures by themes and travel projects. This probably results from a preoccupation with making slide shows in the days of 120 and 35mm format photography. Now that the digital darkroom has made colour print-making more accessible, he has specialized in wall prints. This has led to increased emphasis on the graphic qualities of an image as opposed to the narrative values. But he tries to communicate a strong love for places and employing the new techniques of digital print-making.

Derek has a long history as a photographer, starting in the Eastern Townships of Quebec with his first Brownie camera.  Retiring after a career as a computer programmer, he has since devoted himself to creative literary and editing projects as well as photography.  A first show at the Roselawn, ‘Hello World’, marked his entry into the world of public exhibition.  Participation in subsequent shows has entertained visitors at the Jordan Art Gallery, the Port Colborne Public Library, the Niagara Falls Public Library and Arts Place Gallery.


Written by Arts Place Gallery

April 25, 2012 at 4:52 pm

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