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New Exhibition: Patricia Haftar, “Parts of Me”

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April 20 – May 30
Meet the artist at the opening reception, Sunday, May 4, 2 – 4 pm.  During her reception, she will offer one of her original paintings as a door prize.

“The title of my solo show is most apt. I have been painting and creating art for over half a century now! In this show, you will see images from my travels across our great country and from my most beloved area “The Canadian Shield”. As a child I ran barefoot and carefree running over the huge granite rocks, around and under majestic pines. It was indeed a magical time where anything and everything seemed possible! You will follow in my path discovering my passion for colour, texture, movement and pattern and see me transition from realism to mixed media and finally into the world of abstraction. I wish you all a rich and joyful experience.”

Microsoft Word - Pat Haftar poster March 2019.docx

I have been producing art for as long as I can remember. Greatly, influence by the art of Bea S. Coleman my maternal grandma. She would allow me to sit with her as she painted teaching me to see colour and texture it trees, water, flowers etc. When I was 4 she would allow me to draw or paint beside her as she worked, always encouraging and teaching.

I continued to study art taking commercial art in high school and studying at the Three Schools of Art in Toronto as well as many workshops and classes from international artists Jane E. Jones, Margret Martin, James Kerr, etc.

Microsoft Word - Pat Haftar poster March 2019.docx

I have travelled extensively across Canada from Hollyrod, NF. to Tofino,BC many times over the past years. I strive to recreate the rhythm, harmony, patterns, texture, movement and colour of my surroundings. Constructing a piece that is both pleasing to the eye and yet very intimate to me and hopefully to viewers of my work. When others view my work I want them to be caught up in the flashes of colour, movement, texture, patterns and the life rhythm of each piece. Reflecting on a moment in their lives when they too got caught up in a flash of colour, whisper of the wind, the tactile differences in the world around them.

Find out more about Patricia and see more of her work at


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April 19, 2019 at 7:52 pm

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