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New Exhibition“Fibre & Foundry”: Liisa Harju & Patti Harris

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Friday, January 19 – February 24

Artists’ reception:  Sunday, January 27, 2:00 – 4pm

We welcome 2019 with an interesting exhibit from two different artists displaying two very different art forms in the presentation of “Fibre & Foundry”, a collaboration from Liisa Harju and Patti Harris.

Liisa has been creating art for about 50 years having taken numerous  art courses  including life drawing with  Ken  Cosgrove  at  Niagara  College, and  she has participated in many exhibitions.  Liisa admits she is always trying to express her concern for the environment, land preservation and  affordable housing, which are her main causes.

Patti Harris has used old foundry patterns for many years. She also collects intriguing items from all over; often unsure at the outset what eventually will come from them. Each piece of art in this show is a one-of-a-kind assemblage made in or on an old wood foundry pattern. Old objects seem to stand the test of time and Patti strives to reuse as many as possible. The items may not ‘go together’ but Patti proves that they can

Patti Harris, a mixed media, collage and assemblage artist, from Fort Erie will display her foundry pieces.  Her bio details, “I am inspired by industrial design, natural materials and vintage objects. Putting a variety of materials together, in old boxes, in frames, in and on foundry patterns and old wood typifies much of my work. Whether creating a collage or assemblage, I generally use these old parts that have stood the test of time. More recently I have begun to collage with paint and photographs that I have taken.”

bass 89 b
“Bass 89”

“I apply materials somewhat ambiguous in meaning, but arranged in a well-designed manner. For me, it is all about the visual impact. The objects I choose often don’t routinely ‘go together;’ the resulting work necessitates thought on the viewer’s part. Hidden meanings, humorous twists, irony and surreal elements embody many pieces.”

“My art clearly may mean one thing to one person and possibly something different to another. Each of us has a unique set of experiences that inhabit our perceptions and cause us to react one way or another to what we see. My goal is that my art will strike at that perception and create a new way of looking at the relationship between the parts and the new emerging dynamic, keeping in mind that others’ interpretations are often different than mine, as their reality is also different from mine.”

See more of Patti’s work at


Art Place Gallery’s Annual Silent Auction will take place this year on
Sunday, April 14. 2 – 4pm.  Previews available Friday April 12 and Saturday April 13


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January 15, 2019 at 2:00 am

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