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Relics, A New Exhibition by Jane Marshall

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October 11 to November 18, opening reception Sunday, October 14, 2 – 4pm

My work expresses the interaction between human endeavor and the natural world and the constant friction between natural beauty and the constructed environment.  Capturing the occasional interaction between these produces iconic images of treasured artifacts and reminders of times gone by in this series of paintings, inspired by a trip that I took to Scotland and England in 2017.  My depictions of Prehistoric, Roman, Medieval, Georgian and Victorian structures convey not only the long history of the island, but also the exquisite juxtaposition of these constructions with the land itself.  The past is easily accessible in Britain, and remnants of earlier societies are celebrated in place, rather than eradicated in the name of progress.

Revealing the properties of transparency, translucence and reflection continues to characterize my work, expressed in colour, form and contrast, rendered in a dynamic and expressive manner.  Rather than strict representation, my work has always suggested an expressionistic rendition. This series of paintings takes that quality of abstraction even further, working toward a more loose and painterly delivery.

Jane Marshall, 2018









from left to right: “The Darkening Sky”. “Column Bases, Melrose Abbey”, “Chester Cat”


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October 11, 2018 at 3:32 pm

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