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New Exhibition: Jean Lea Johnson ‘memories’, March 9 – April 7

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Girl with Beret

Girl with Beret

Meet the Artist Reception:  Sunday March 10, 2 – 4 pm

Events of the past and people resonate within me and will never leave me.
At times it is lovely reliving the people and events through painting.
Often time I create a painting and in time I realize where that image fits so uniquely into my life.
At times future events will come through in my painting and when it comes to be I recognize the image.
My work has been exhibited in Britain, the United States, work shipped to Australia and Barain.

The poetry I have written often has a place with a painting.  Such as “Girl with Beret”.

The Painting  “Girl with Beret”

You have cupped my face in gentle palms
have wrapped my minds in sweet tears
Having found the reasons,
 around the pieces of questions
I have asked you.
These are placed on the chair in my room,
for you have embraced my deepest sorrows.
“Girl with Beret”

My poetry has appeared in Canadian authors journals, Brock University Literary Journal, “Harpweaver” and a collection of womens prose and poetry titled “Shadowing into Light”.  I have read in public at conferences in England and Toronto,  images of my paintings and poetry I’ve written as presentations of my work.  I grew up the youngest of 7 children.  Our house was situated on the escarpment in Hamilton Ontario.
We had the privilege of the forest in our back yard where we, as children hiked and explored.  this was like an oasis in the middle of the city.

Jean Lea Johnson

Friday – Sunday, noon – 4:30 pm


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March 3, 2013 at 8:09 pm

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