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Astrology Readings with Stacey December 15 @ Arts Place Gallery

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Astrology Readings with Stacey

“An astrological reading is an in-depth look at how planetary placements and connections at the time of your birth affect you throughout your life.  While it is for entertainment purposes, my goal is that in interpreting details in your chart, you’ll find a useful perspective and more self-knowledge and understanding of your potentials. I like to read charts for friends and have found the study of astrology interesting and helpful.  If this sounds like something you would enjoy, please call Arts Place to book an appointment.”

To register for a reading, please include the closest you know to your exact time, month, day and year of birth, and the city where you were born.Be prepared to ask questions about what areas of your life are of interest; this will be a private dialogue.

Register by: December 12
At: 905-834-9060, Arts Place (or call Joyce Honsberger at 905-899-1519)
For: Saturday December 15
Appointments will run from 11am to 5pm.
(Please call and leave a message if you’ve registered and cannot attend. We will keep a waiting list for stand-by readings.)

Price: $35 per half hour. You can book a half-hour or one-hour meeting.

A portion of what you spend will help support the longevity of Arts Place Gallery,which does a great service in bringing homegrown arts experiences to Port Colborne and Niagara.


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